Climate Change

Global Warming means the end of civilization as we know it by the year 2050, or not. Climate Change is a gigantic hoax, or is it? Whatever you believe is fine, I am not going to attempt to change your mind, nor am I taking a position.

Back in the seventies the big news was about the coming Ice Age. Magazines like Newsweek and Time along with several newspapers published articles from reputable scientists that discussed the cooling of the planet and the resulting mini ice age. Global temperatures were cooling slightly, and with the information available at the time, the scientists came to that conclusion. This was before the satellite system and the super computers that predict our weather today.

As extreme as the weather is today, throughout modern history there have been many deadly weather events and most had less warning than we have today. Hurricane Camille in 1969 was responsible for over 250 deaths and 1.4 billion in damages. Agnes was barely a Hurricane when it reached Florida in 1972, but it still killed 122 and caused about 1.2 billion dollars in damages mainly due to flooding caused by the remnants as it spread north. In two separate storms in 1976 record rainfalls in South Dakota and Colorado combined killed over 370 and caused over 200 million dollars in damages. All these damage estimates were in 1970 dollars. Hurricanes over the past 100 years have been responsible for many deaths and billions of dollars in damages so they are not a recent phenomenon.

To use Global Warming and the rise in Global temperature as the reason for the extreme weather is not in itself a strong argument. Greenhouse gasses as the reason for the rise in temperatures is also not on strong footing, the Earth generates its own greenhouse gasses and has been doing so for millions of years.

The Global temperature is greatly affected by the activity of the Sun, probably more so than any other influence. The Sun has its cycles, as it cools, we cool, as it gets hotter, we get hotter! We are alive because the Sun creates the warmth the Earth needs to support life; it is our main source of that warmth. There is not much we can do about the Sun, it didn’t come with a thermostat.

Back on Earth where fossil fuels are held responsible for the greenhouse gasses that are raising the Global Temperature, we are looking at ways to reduce its use. Just to interject a point, if we all stop breathing, we would also be contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gasses, not exactly realistic though, is it?

The Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Climate Accord were two attempts by the United Nations to have an agreement by the Global community to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and thereby reducing emissions, or greenhouse gasses. Those will be discussed in a separate post. The reduction in emissions is worthy goal, but even if we could make a sizable cut in the use of fossil fuels the reduction of greenhouse gasses could still take 30 to 50 years* to make any difference in Global Temperature, and that is assuming that it was the cause of that rise in temperature. Even if it were possible to stop all use of fossil fuels, it would mean all manufacturing comes to a complete halt. The result would be no more cars on the roads, including electric ones because they depend on fossil fuels for their manufacture and the electricity to power them. There would be no iPhone 11, or 12, and the earlier models could be used as Frisbees. Even if that were possible, it could still take 20 to 30 years* or more to clean all greenhouse gasses assuming there were no volcanic eruptions during that time. So that is not a realistic solution, it would also mean the end of civilization as we know it, since that is where we started in the first paragraph.

What are our choices, where do we go from here?

Rather than talk about it, as we have for more than 40 years, I believe in action with real solutions, we can do something now that will make a difference in less than 10 years. The best part is that you can keep the iPhone you now have, that cool car that impresses your friends, parked in the garage of that fancy computerized house that you can talk to and order all that stuff from Amazon.

The process is all natural and even has benefits that can fix many problems we see in our world today, pollution, drought, and if you solve those, you can also fix famine and more. Yes it can! Pretty wild!
*Best guess.

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