A Drop in the Bucket

  • An amount that is so small that it does not make an important difference or have much effect
  • An amount very small in relation to what is needed or desired

Those are some definitions that you will find if you search that expression on the Internet, but that is the human influence on the planet.  There are billions of people living on Earth in many nations that exist in various stages of development.  Some nations have a very basic society while others depend on technology for their existence.  It is the technology that receives most of the blame for affecting the climate of the Earth, but in reality, the effect is A Drop in the Bucket.

This does not absolve any of the nations of being responsible for the use of natural resources, no matter what state of advancement they are in.

Earth has gone through many stages over the Billions of years that it has existed, from a hostile brew of dust, smoke and who knows what, to the ‘Blue Marble’ it is today, supporting many forms of life.  It is not the intent here to explain the root of life on Earth, and the delicate balance that created the environment that supports that life.

The message here is to explain the insignificance that we are in the larger picture of life on Earth, we are but a mere Drop in the Bucket.

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